Join Us in Celebrating Puget Sound Starts Here Month

We celebrate Puget Sound Starts Here Month every September by our everyday actions. Our newest videos show some easy ways to join in and help reduce pollution. 

These videos are available to share in Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish and English. Find and share them on our YouTube channel.

Our everyday activities impact our environment, where we live, work and play. Together, our small actions can make a difference. Puget Sound is our home, and the waters and land are a gift to us now and in the future.

This year’s Puget Sound Starts Here month features how basic, easy maintenance of  our cars can help reduce different pollutants while helping save gas dollars and have a more reliable car.

Cars can be convenient, but they are also a source of water pollution – even electric vehicles. In fact, emerging science has revealed a new pollutant connected to our cars that has been killing coho salmon. It’s a chemical in car tires called 6PPD. Find out about the science HERE. You can take action to reduce water pollution.

Ways to reduce your car’s pollution:

  • Properly inflate your tires to reduce wear and tear.
  • Fix leaks as soon as possible so oil, grease and other car fluids don’t wash into the storm drain.
  • Wash your car at a carwash or in the yard to keep soap out of the storm drain.

Learn about other tips and stewardship activities you and your friends or family can join in on this fall.

About Puget Sound Starts Here

Puget Sound cities, counties, state and community groups work together to understand the cause and effects of everyday actions on the environment. This Puget Sound Starts Here network uses science to identify the problem, and then identify ways to support communities to take small actions that can make a difference.  Preventing pollution starts at home!

Joining our efforts this month, Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed the month of September 2022 as Puget Sound Starts Here Month.

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