Stormwater Runoff – A Quest for Hope

Check out this presentation by Miami University graduate student, Christopher Fuentes!

So, what is stormwater runoff and how does it affect our environment? If you’ve been hearing about stormwater and wondering why it keeps coming up, Christopher Fuentes has answers in his virtual[RM1]  presentation “Stormwater Runoff – A Quest for Hope”.  Click on the menu with the down arrow to see all his short videos.

To view the short videos, click on the down arrow

Chris shows how dangerous bacteria and chemicals get picked up by stormwater, how it flows to our local waterbodies, and small changes we can make to our daily lives that could make positive impacts to our ecosystems.

Chris is working on a Masters of Arts degree in Biology with a focus on Conservation and Sustainability through Miami University’s Advanced Inquiry Program that includes experiential learning and field study offered at Woodland Park Zoo. As a resident of Tukwila, Chris knows how rainy it gets in the Puget Sound. He is studying how rain can effects to our wildlife, like the Coho salmon, by adding excessive nutrients and chemicals to lakes, rivers and streams – and that too much of it running off all our paved and built over surfaces can flash flood streams. Chris is working with his community to understand and encourage community members to get involved and take positive action.  His virtual  presentation, Stormwater- Runoff – A Quest for Hope connects community members with the environment offering different action steps to keep pollution out of stormwater runoff.

You will earn three raindrops throughout the presentation as you learn about stormwater and the environment. At the end, you will get to splash those raindrops in barrels that represent a green practice you promise to try.

Check out this presentation and decide which change you could make to help our waterbodies in the Sound!

My hope is that stormwater runoff mitigation becomes a part of my community’s everyday actions and they carry their knowledge to future generations, until stormwater runoff is no longer a concern.” – Chris Fuentes.

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