Good news for gardeners: the Garden Hotline is open for advice

Garden Hotline March 21 2020 Newsletter

Full service virtual garden advice (and ‘in-person’ too!)

The Garden Hotline will continue to provide full normal service (Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm) in the coming weeks. With multiple staff and the ability to work remotely, they can offer practical advice for any level of gardener. While events are cancelled, the Garden Hotline continues to answer questions and provide tips on safer yard and garden practices via phone, email, social media, video and web.

Check out the new spring newsletter. The newsletter will be sent weekly to those who checked in via email the last six months and to community partners. Please let them know if you would like to be REMOVED from the email list. Let other gardeners know – they can just contact the hotline to be put in the list! If you have ideas of things you want to know about please reach out. Gardening is great for stress and well being.

Ways to reach the hotline folks:

  • Call 206-684-0224 – there is one person with access to the phones during the regular schedule.
  • Email! The garden folks have a web form at or send questions to  Please add your zip code to track contacts by area for their sponsors. And garden peeps also love photos!
  • Visit them on Facebook or Twitter and chat! They post videos, articles, links to great resources and lots of fun photos. Feel free to share photos or ideas and experiences in your garden.
  • Explore the hotline’s Pinterest site – with lots of fun boards and great gardening ideas and information. New ideas are being added now! Have a board to share? Send the link! We have boards about edible flowers, lawn alternatives, beneficial insects, gardening on a budget and much more!
  • Visit their YouTube channel for more in depth gardening information. There are two series of video contest entries from local gardeners (and launching a new video contest soon – stay tuned!), videos on mulching, moles and bindweed, and links to cool channels. There is a NEW VIDEO on cover crops and mulches, just in time for your own cover cropped beds.
  • Check out the Instagram page with personalized photos from each of our Garden Hotline educators and community projects.

Be in touch!

The Master Composter Sustainability Stewards are still helping Seattle residents learn how to compost, build healthy soil and manage their waste streams responsibly.

They help on multiple projects that are safe for them to participate in: helping the Garden Hotline with some translation of garden workshop materials, growing plant starts with to share with community partners, resolving tech issues and helping in the community directly as long as it is not in a group setting. If you have compost pile troubleshooting at your community garden in Seattle, or want some advice on soil building please reach out to the MCSS volunteer coordinator, Reingard Rieger to see if they can help at

Plant on!

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