Your home is your castle, but it doesn’t have to come with a moat

floodedhousemoatIf your yard looks like a pond every time it rains, you might have a drainage challenge.  Luckily, there are ways to handle the excess water that runs off your property’s hard surfaces in ways that don’t flood your basement, carry pollutants into our waterways, or turn your home into a sanctuary for migrating Canada geese.

The rainy season brings insight into the way water runs off impervious surfaces like driveways, patios or roofs.  Take a look now at how water is collecting on your property, so that it can help you plan ahead.  When the time comes for sunny weather, consider applying some of these green stormwater solutions to soak up and manage all that valuable water.

  • Add compost and mulch to improve your soil and increase its capacity to hold water
  • Turn downspouts on gutters toward grassy or planted areas
  • Install rain-savers like rain barrels or cisterns
  • Install a system like infiltration trenches that will put runoff from your roof into the ground and help recharge groundwater
  • Replace hard surfaces like driveways, walks and patios with porous surfaces like pavers, permeable asphalt or concrete
  • Build attractive, functional landscaping options like rain gardens

Learn more about ways to enhance your yard’s ability to roll with the rainy weather at or  Contact your local jurisdiction for more advice and to see what may be appropriate for your property.

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