Test your Environmental Equity IQ!

  1. Fill in the blank: __________ in every 10 STEM professionals is a minority woman.
  2. What percentage of Hispanics, African Americans and Native Americans who have a STEM degree, have a STEM job?
  3. What percentage of STEM degrees were awarded to people of color in 2012?
  4. Women hold what percentage of all STEM jobs?
  5. What percentage of folks in South King County speak more than one language?
  6. Can you name three of the major languages (other than English) spoken in South King County?
  7. According to a national survey, what percentage of kids said that they don’t have transportation to natural areas?
  8. How many hours a week does the average child play outside?





Answer Key: 1. One. 2. 30%. 3. 14%. 4. 26% 5. 25.4% 6. Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Amharic and Korean. 7. 62% 8. Four.

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